The BBV BOSCH BIPHASE Converter is designed to provide single address protocol conversion. The BIPHASE TO X Converter accepts Bosch/Philips Biphase data from a single source, converts it to one of a wide range of possible RS485/422 protocols. Also available as the X TO BIPHASE converter, the unit accepts a wide range of RS485/422 protocols and outputs Bosch/Philips Biphase data. 



    • Extensive, growing list of CCTV telemetry protocols including VCL and Pelco P/D.
    • To ease initial setup and debugging the OLED display shows the incoming data stream.
    • BOSCH BIPHASE inbound data Simplex
    • RS422 outbound data Simplex / Duplex.
    • Compatible with the CTI Plus CADDY. This holds up to 10 units in a 1U Caddy
  • Options

    The Bosch Biphase Converter is available in two versions:


    1. Biphase to X - Bosch Biphase Philips input to RS422/485 out

    2. X to Biphase  - RS422/485 input to Bosch Biphase Philips out