The BBV Single Camera COAX Converter 2 is designed to provide a cost effective answer to Pelco & VCL Up The Coax integration.


    The COAX Converter 2 accepts Pelco Up the Coax from any Coaxitron transmitter or VCL Up The Coax from a Maxcom or other existing VCL coax telemetry systems. This enables the use of a large range of dome cameras to be attached to an existing Pelco or VCL coax control solution. 


    • Extensive, growing list of CCTV telemetry protocols.
    • All Settings done via built in display.
    • 5 pin screw terminal out.
    • Pelco Coaxitron Up The Coax in.
    • VCL Up The Coax in.
    • Screw terminal RS422/485 telemetry out.
    • To ease initial setup and debugging the OLED display can show the incoming data stream.