Multi Protocol Dome Interface Receiver 12-24 Vac/dc.


    • Compatible with both fixed speed and proportionally controlled variable speed domes.
    • No additional cabling required. Designed to operate over 500m using standard CT125 coaxial cable.
    • Video launch amplifier provides loss compensation for optimum picture quality.
    • Will operate on 20mA current loop as standard for situations where coax control is impractical.
    • Low voltage supply.
    • Auxiliary relay 5A 230Vac (Rx10X/230/24/WBX)
    • Can be supplied from domes PSU (see manual for exclusions)
    • Compatible with all BBV telemetry transmitters and equipment using BBV up-the-coax telemetry.
    • Small & compact design.
    • Simple to install.
    • No specialist knowledge required.




    Two versions available. 

    1. Rx10X/WBX 

    • With four alarm inputs in weather proof box. 
    • Up to 1Kw


    2. Rx10X/230/24/WBX 

    • With 4 alarm inputs in weatherproof box 
    • 230V AC input with 24V AC 3A output.