The Starcard provides a simple and cost-effective solution in the installation of RS485/422 telemetry systems. The Starcard takes RS485/422 data from one source and distributes it across 8 isolated outputs. The outputs can be wired in a star format or a daisy format to allow up to 31 cameras to be controlled from each output.



    • 8 RS422/485 outputs to allow star wiring of telemetry systems, Tx1500 Keypads and alarm cards. Can also be used when star wiring is required for other systems.
    • Two RJ45 sockets and a screw terminal connector for RS485/422 input from a controller and output to additional daisy chained Starcards
    • Eight screw terminal connectors used to output RS485/422 data. Each output can be connected to a single dome / receiver or up to 31 domes / receivers or a combination wired as a daisy chain.
    • Can be used with either 2-wire, half duplex; 4-wire, full duplex or simplex systems
    • Can also be used with simplex RS485/422 links, for example the RS485 output of multiplexers.
    • DB9F connector provides a diagnostic output. This can be used with a laptop PC to monitor the data being sent out of the Starcard via RS232