The Starcard Converter is designed to provide simple and cost effective RS485/422 protocol conversion. The Starcard Converter accepts RS485/422 Data from one source, converts it to one of a wide range of possible RS485/422 protocols and distributes it across eight isolated outputs.


    The outputs can be wired in a star format or a daisy format to allow up to 31 cameras to be controlled from each output.


    • Two RJ45 sockets and a screw terminal connector for RS485/422 input from a controller and output to additional daisy chained Starcard Converters
    • Eight screw terminal connectors used to output RS485/422 data. Each output can be connected to a single dome/receiver or up to 31 domes/receivers or a combination wired as a daisy chain.
    • Uses 2–wire simplex control of cameras
    • Input and output protocols are dipswitch selectable. Our constantly expanding software library currently supports approximately 30 protocols
    • DB9F connector provides a diagnostic output. This can be used with a laptop PC to monitor the data being sent out of the Starcard via RS232
    • Debug mode can also be selected which provides detailed information for each command received. On power up, or if input or output settings are altered, the current protocol, baud rate and parity settings will be outputted to laptop PC