Map Software for FBM

Our newly developed Map Software for our FBM systems helps to make your CCTV layout even easier to plan. We now include user modifiable mapping software with the FBM large matrix. This is web server based and provides point-and-click selection of monitors and cameras along with movement control of PTZ cameras: instructions to configure your own maps and system are contained in the FBM manual.

What does the Map Software do?

The Map Software comes with our FBM Matrix units, enabling you to visually plan the CCTV layout within your building - upload your own building map and begin placing your camera positions virtually, all at the click of a button.

Key Benefits:

  • Setup virtual maps and visually layout your specific CCTV camera positions in each room.

  • Visualise your own CCTV setup whenever you like.

  • Use the software to control your cameras live and set camera presets.

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