Oil and Gas


  • for multi-protocol security solutions designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

  • for innovative protocol conversion and telemetry solutions.

  • for seamless integration or extension of your security and surveillance systems and applications.

  • to deliver multi-protocol telemetry receivers and remote-access functionality

  • for high security solutions in R&D facilities, commercial businesses and public services

A GLOBAL PRESENCE - Global protocols, multinational sales

BBV products are in use throughout the World with systems installed in locations such as Copenhagen Airport, the Intercontinental Hotel in Beirut and the Stade de France (French National Stadium). Closer to home the company has supplied systems for town centres, several football grounds including Newcastle United, several hospitals including Addenbrooke's and King's Cross Hospital, the MOD, Holyhead Harbour and London Zoo.

RETAIL AND COMMERCIAL - Securing customers, employees – and profits


Use BBV's CCTV surveillance systems to protect your customers and staff against crime. BBV's multi-protocol conversion expertise enables you to efficiently and cost-effectively extend or upgrade existing CCTV infrastructure. BBV control systems contribute to the smooth running of security systems at Debenhams, Primark, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Peter Jones and The Gherkin.

ENERGY, OIL AND GAS - Technology suited to harsh environments and sub sea


BBV solutions support industry in the most unlikely places, deployed for safety, security, or productivity. Developing and manufacturing products for defence, nuclear and space, our expertise in remote systems and LED lighting comes to the fore in the harshest and least hospitable environments.

HEALTHCAREAllowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care


Installing BBV equipment as part of your CCTV surveillance systems on healthcare sites contributes to a safe and secure environment.

BBV's systems are installed in world-renowned Addenbrooke's Hospital and Frimley Park Hospital.

TOWN CENTRE AND COMMUNITY PLACESProtecting the public and securing community spaces

Integrated BBV multi-site CCTV security systems are a deterrent to criminal and anti-social activities. BBV's protocol conversion solutions are an effective tool in extending the life of legacy CCTV equipment in town centres and public spaces.

TRANSPORT - Supporting transport providers to secure safer travel

BBV provides the specialist equipment that UK airports require to maintain their evolving surveillance inventory. From Clapham Junction to the North of Scotland, BBV provides the equipment essential for passenger safety and security management.

EDUCATIONAL CAMPUSES - Protecting academic site users against petty or serious crime

Multi-protocol converters harmonise existing systems with central station monitoring, while allowing local access at site level. BBV telemetry solutions connect multiple installations campus-wide to enhance student safety.

 SPORTS STADIA AND PUBLIC VENUES - Increasing security visibility on high-profile sites


BBV protocol solutions maximise high-value assets and extend the life cycle by maintaining connectivity to current recording solutions and control systems. High-volume public venues in the UK and overseas, including London's Olympic Stadium and the Stade de France, rely on BBV solutions for crowd management, public safety and security. 

HOTELS AND LEISURE FACILITIES - Servicing and enhancing the customer experience

BBV CCTV surveillance and security systems provide discreet protection for guests and staff in hotel, hospitality and leisure facilities. BBV analogue systems provide fast, reliable high-quality images, in scalable solutions that prolong the economic life of existing infrastructure.